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Before I speak with you, your first step is to fill in the Application Form - click here. Fill it in now and send to email address

Do it NOW and become my obedient slave. You know you want to!

What do you get from me? Well let's remember that if Financial Domination is your fetish then you already know it's mainly the need to give to someone who you class as a higher force than yourself. Just the thought that you are providing your Mistress with everything she desires should make you feel your life is of greater meaning for you.

However if you are into chastity or feminization or other fetishes which can be done over the internet then let me know and respectfully ask. Remember that your tributes and gifts do not buy me! I may do this because you have pleased me or because I feel you are in need of it! When, where and how often this happens is totally up to myself and depends on how much you please me and how often.

You can become a casual Financial slave (send me a 1-off payment now) or a regular Financial slave. Obviously a regular slave will get more of my attention, time and training.


You can serve by Gift, Tribute or Tithe. If you don't know what these mean then that can be part of your training. You will learn as you go on. But begin now and send something to the email address shown above.


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Mistress Noi



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